The Hummingbird Inn

About Us

Jeane Finucane  

The owner of the Hummingbird Inn, Jeane has transformed her home on the mountain cliffs of Morne Daniel into a true Dominican experience. 

The small and intimate guest house has earned its widely regarded reputation as the cleanest, friendliest eco inn' on the island paradise of Dominica. 

Jeane, who was born in Dominica, and has lived there most of her life, is an experienced traveler and an economic development management specialist. She has been presented with an award as one of the top 100 women of Dominica. She has a wealth of knowledge of the local culture, history flora and fauna  and is very aware and actively encourages consciousness of the concepts and issues regarding Eco-Tourism. She is now an active member of the Dominica's ecologically conscious Eco Inns and Services Association, providing opportunities for tourism to develop in a way that will preserve the countries natural resources. 

Jeane is passionate about keeping an intimate, friendly, quite & peaceful environment in balance with the abundant nature at the Hummingbird Inn for you her guest to enjoy. The perfect place to escape from stress.

The Executive Manager